The Best Hair Dryers for Every Hair Type

You might think all hair dryers are the same, but, oooh how wrong you are! Picking the right hair dryer is like picking the right foundation, there are different ones for certain hair types. And if you find the right one, if can turn into a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. But how do you know which hair dryer is best for your hair? We’ve composed a list to match (almost) every hair type to their perfect match.


Thick and curly hair takes a considerable amount of time and dedication to style, so a strong is needed reduce time. Adding a diffuser to the end of the dryer will also enhance curls, reduce heat damage, and eliminate frizz. The perfect hair dryer for this hair type is the Karmin Salon Series Hair Dryer, that comes with its own diffuser and concentrator nozzle, for the option of keeping your amazing curls, or going straight and sleep.

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Just like curly hair, thick and long hair also takes significant time to dry, but it doesn’t have to. The Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer allows for a powerful airflow that will cut your dry time in half. The ionic heat technology creates healthier, smoother, and frizz free strands.



Fine and curly hair requires a hair dryer that gives off low heat, but preserves curls. A low heat setting will lower the risk of burning the scalp and creating heat damage, and the addition of a diffusor will maintain bouncy, full curls. The Corioliss Flow Hair Dryer is a match made in heaven for this hair type. It features a lightweight motor, 2 speed and 2 temperature controls, a cool shot button, and its own diffusor.

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Unlike thick hair, fine hair calls for a lower wattage on a hair dryer. This will lower the risk of heat damage, as well as, prevent over-heating the scalp. The HAI 3300 Tourmaline Hair Dryer is perfect for thinner hair, as it features 2 air flow and 3 temperature settings, plus a cool shot button. Giving you the power to choose how hot you need your hair dryer to be, all while effectively styling your hair.

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If your hair isn’t curly, not exactly thick, but not thin either, your options can seem limitless. However, with this hair type it is important to focus on a hair dryer that doesn’t create frizz, cause breakage, and leaves you with smooth tresses. The Theorie Saga II Airshine Dryer gives you the ability to pick your heat setting, and features cutting-edge technology to focus air exactly where it’s needed, minimizing damage and frizz, creating gorgeous glossy hair.

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