Sam Villa Signature Series Wide Cutting Comb – Black


  • Overall dimensions: 8.5ʺ long x 1.75ʺ wide
  • Sophisticated computerized molds eliminate all parting lines and guarantee perfect symmetry between each tooth
  • Length of wide teeth: 4.25ʺ; Length of fine teeth: 4.25ʺ
  • Quality design for effortless combing without snagging or dragging
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The Sam Villa Wide Cutting Comb is ideal for use when cutting or styling curly hair. The Wide Cutting Comb is also great for shorter haircuts when you are performing scissor or clipper over comb work. This comb is heat resistant up to 450° which makes it ideal for use with your flat iron. Strong, flexible and a seamless design for smooth combing without snagging or dragging. Features a parting pick for simple sectioning.