Get Perfect Beach Waves Even After Summer Ends


Whether you live on the coast of Maui, the concrete jungle that is New York City, or in the deserts of New Mexico, beachy waves are the most wanted, go to style. And with the  Corioliss Tri Curler achieving perfect, long lasting waves has gotten much easier. These wands work great on all hair types and lengths, and the best part, they don’t have to be just for the summer!


The easy to use Corioliss Tri Curler is perfect for when you want to try different looks with just one wand. This effortless curler features lightweight interchangeable ceramic barrels that come in three sizes: a large barrel for loose surfer-girl waves, a medium sized barrel for more defined, glamorous waves, and a smaller barrel for tighter, ringlet curls. While the barrels transform your hair into the perfect summer wave, they also emit infrared technology to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz, to keep your hair soft, silky, and shiny. A convenient 360 swivel cord allows for your hair to wrap all the way around the barrel, without getting your hand caught in the cord.

A user friendly on/off switch ignites the use of being able to control the temperature setting. After choosing the right sized barrel for your hair look, simply align the barrel’s plugs to click in place. Wrap hair strands, 1-inch in width, around the barrel, making sure to hold the barrel by the cool tip to avoid burns. Hold the strands in place for 10 seconds, before setting the wave free. Once your head is done, finger comb your hair for voluminous, loose waves, or let the waves stand for a more refined, natural look.

Creating Perfect Waves

  1. Rejuvenate and protect hair strands with Royale Argan Oil Keratin Hair Serum.
  2. Split hair into 4 section: two in the front, two in the back.
  3. Starting with the back of your head, take 1-inch pieces from the bottom, curling downward with the Corioliss Tri Curler. Continue towards the front of your face.
  4. Repeat until all sections are completed.

Styling Tips

  • Take larger hair pieces for looser waves, and smaller pieces for tighter waves.
  • Curl hair strands inward, toward your face to frame your face; and outward, away from your face to showcase your features.

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