Crimp Your Way Into The Future

When the topic of crimping irons comes to mind, most of us have flashbacks of the 80s or cringe worthy celebrity fashions from the early 2000s.  You may have traded your crimping iron for a flat iron, but crimpers are making a comeback. They aren’t just for wild hairstyles anymore, 2016 crimping irons serve as a bigger hairstyle companion than you could ever imagine. Starting at the roots, crimpers can boost thin hair into having volume and body. Traveling to hair strands, where it can add an edginess to any hairstyle. Gone are days that hair tools only serve one purpose, now you can easily manipulate any hair tool into the style you want.


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Crimpers are the best tools to use to add volume to thin hair, create body to otherwise lifeless hair. Taking a crimping iron and apply it only to your roots can give your hair the appearance of being full and thicker. While loosely applying a crimper on low heat to your entire head will give the appearance textured hair, full of body. Crimpers and textur irons that are perfect for achieving these styles are ones like the Sam Villa Signature Series Texturizing Iron, that can be purchased here.


Haare kreppen crimped-ponytail-hairstyle-2016 emmy

Another way crimpers can improve a hair style is by adding an accent to an otherwise simply hair look. There’s no need to use a crimper on your entire head when trying to achieve this look. Starting with an everyday hair style, and simply by taking a small section from that style and using a crimper on it can give that ordinary hair style an added boost of glamour. This is perfect for someone who likes to keep their hair uncomplicated, but also wants to standout from their everyday look. A standard crimping iron like  Corioliss’ ‘The Crimper’, sold here, makes creating any accent a breeze!


katy-perry-crimped-bob-hairstyle crimping-hair012crimping-hair011

Unlike it’s popularity in the 80s, the edginess a crimping iron creates in 2016 combines volume and body with the styling of crimp accents. But it still pays homage to its eccentric beginnings. The beauty about creating an edgy look with a crimping iron is there are so many different directions you can go with it, You can use it for your entire head, or add little wavy surprises throughout your hairstyle. Your creativity can shine through your hair with going this route, and there’s no specific crimping iron that needs to be used for this style, it’s all up to you!


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Crimping irons have become a lot more revolutionized since the 80s. Now being able to create beautiful big waves. Rather you’re going for a glamours look, or beach waves, the right crimper can create that perfect look. The trick to these new age crimpers are that they come with 3 barrels, as opposed to the original tightly closed zig-zag design. Unlike using a wave wand, a 3 barrel crimper cuts down styling time immensely. Corioliss’ The Big Wave is the best crimper on the market for catching the perfect wave. Purchased here.


Video Tutorials On Styling with Crimpers

  1. Volume & Body
  2. Accents
  3. Edge
  4. Waves