• Crimp Your Way Into The Future

    When the topic of crimping irons comes to mind, most of us have flashbacks of the 80s or cringe worthy celebrity fashions from the early 2000s.  You may have traded your crimping iron for a flat iron, but crimpers are making a comeback. They aren’t just for wild hairstyles anymore, 2016 crimping irons serve as a bigger hairstyle companion than you could ever imagine. Starting at the roots, crimpers can boost thin hair into having volume and body. Traveling to hair strands, where it can add an edginess to any hairstyle. Gone are days that hair tools only serve one purpose, now you can easily manipulate any hair tool into the style you want.


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    Crimpers are the best tools to use to add volume to thin hair, create body to otherwise lifeless hair. Taking a crimping iron and apply it only to your roots can give your hair the appearance of being full and thicker. While loosely applying a crimper on low heat to your entire head will give the appearance textured hair, full of body. Crimpers and textur irons that are perfect for achieving these styles are ones like the Sam Villa Signature Series Texturizing Iron, that can be purchased here.


    Haare kreppen crimped-ponytail-hairstyle-2016 emmy

    Another way crimpers can improve a hair style is by adding an accent to an otherwise simply hair look. There’s no need to use a crimper on your entire head when trying to achieve this look. Starting with an everyday hair style, and simply by taking a small section from that style and using a crimper on it can give that ordinary hair style an added boost of glamour. This is perfect for someone who likes to keep their hair uncomplicated, but also wants to standout from their everyday look. A standard crimping iron like  Corioliss’ ‘The Crimper’, sold here, makes creating any accent a breeze!


    katy-perry-crimped-bob-hairstyle crimping-hair012crimping-hair011

    Unlike it’s popularity in the 80s, the edginess a crimping iron creates in 2016 combines volume and body with the styling of crimp accents. But it still pays homage to its eccentric beginnings. The beauty about creating an edgy look with a crimping iron is there are so many different directions you can go with it, You can use it for your entire head, or add little wavy surprises throughout your hairstyle. Your creativity can shine through your hair with going this route, and there’s no specific crimping iron that needs to be used for this style, it’s all up to you!


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    Crimping irons have become a lot more revolutionized since the 80s. Now being able to create beautiful big waves. Rather you’re going for a glamours look, or beach waves, the right crimper can create that perfect look. The trick to these new age crimpers are that they come with 3 barrels, as opposed to the original tightly closed zig-zag design. Unlike using a wave wand, a 3 barrel crimper cuts down styling time immensely. Corioliss’ The Big Wave is the best crimper on the market for catching the perfect wave. Purchased here.


    Video Tutorials On Styling with Crimpers

    1. Volume & Body
    2. Accents
    3. Edge
    4. Waves
  • Best Daily Face Care

    Everyone has dealt with either breakouts, pimples, dry skin, black heads, or uneven skin tone.  If you have a mixture of skin problems, or simply want to be proactive in preventing them from occurring, finding the right products that will tackle all your facial care needs, without the use of harsh chemicals, can be your biggest hurdle.

    Luckily Evande’s TRIO Pack covers all the bases when it comes to facial care. The TRIO Pack comes with three 6.8 fl oz bottles of alcohol free pore minimizer, a cleanser & make-up remover, and a face & neck moisturizer.


    Evande products are made up of all natural ingredients, which is not only good for the environment, but great for your skin! The TRIO uses all natural ingredients to take on pimples, inflammation, wrinkles, black/whiteheads, uneven skin tone, dryness, and skin radiance. Aside from popular natural skin care ingredients like African shea butter, almond butter, aloe, cucumber and lemon, the TRIO also includes exotic plants and fruits from around the world, whose healing abilities are not widely known. Such as:






      • A rich source of antioxidants, the extract of this fruit is effective in refining pores, as well as, treating extreme dry skin.







    新ゴボウ Lappa

      • A detoxifying herb is known for treating acne causing bacteria, and inflamed pimples.





    cornflower-1Corn Flower

      • This European plant can increase resistance against skin infections. As well as, reduce eye swelling and facial puffiness.





    ginkgo_biloba_scanned_leaf-2Chinese Ginkgo Biloba

      • Loaded with antioxidants and amino acids, this plant from traditional Chinese Medicine, enhances the skin’s ability to produce collagen for natural firm and youthfulness. It also is a natural cleanser because it compounds include antibacterial and antifungal properties.





    pine-cones-1Pine Cone

      • Perfect for all skin types with problems from pimples to eczema.




    stalks-of-sugar-caneSugar Cane

      • The hydroxyacid properties help stimulate cell renewal tissue, and reduce dryness and fine lines.






    turmeric_powder-1Turmeric Powder

      • This ayurvedic spice is a natural treatment for acne, by calming outbreaks and expediting healing due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also help heal scars and stretch marks. Its medicinal qualities like treatment of burns and reduction of face pigmentation, makes it good for skin discoloration and natural glow. It also reduces facial hair growth significantly.





    An entire list of all the natural ingredients used can be found on Evande’s website.


    Evande Reviews


  • The Best Hair Dryers for Every Hair Type

    You might think all hair dryers are the same, but, oooh how wrong you are! Picking the right hair dryer is like picking the right foundation, there are different ones for certain hair types. And if you find the right one, if can turn into a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. But how do you know which hair dryer is best for your hair? We’ve composed a list to match (almost) every hair type to their perfect match.


    Thick and curly hair takes a considerable amount of time and dedication to style, so a strong is needed reduce time. Adding a diffuser to the end of the dryer will also enhance curls, reduce heat damage, and eliminate frizz. The perfect hair dryer for this hair type is the Karmin Salon Series Hair Dryer, that comes with its own diffuser and concentrator nozzle, for the option of keeping your amazing curls, or going straight and sleep.

    Image result for kelly rowland curly hair                  karmin_hair_dryer


    Just like curly hair, thick and long hair also takes significant time to dry, but it doesn’t have to. The Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer allows for a powerful airflow that will cut your dry time in half. The ionic heat technology creates healthier, smoother, and frizz free strands.



    Fine and curly hair requires a hair dryer that gives off low heat, but preserves curls. A low heat setting will lower the risk of burning the scalp and creating heat damage, and the addition of a diffusor will maintain bouncy, full curls. The Corioliss Flow Hair Dryer is a match made in heaven for this hair type. It features a lightweight motor, 2 speed and 2 temperature controls, a cool shot button, and its own diffusor.

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    Unlike thick hair, fine hair calls for a lower wattage on a hair dryer. This will lower the risk of heat damage, as well as, prevent over-heating the scalp. The HAI 3300 Tourmaline Hair Dryer is perfect for thinner hair, as it features 2 air flow and 3 temperature settings, plus a cool shot button. Giving you the power to choose how hot you need your hair dryer to be, all while effectively styling your hair.

    5    6


    If your hair isn’t curly, not exactly thick, but not thin either, your options can seem limitless. However, with this hair type it is important to focus on a hair dryer that doesn’t create frizz, cause breakage, and leaves you with smooth tresses. The Theorie Saga II Airshine Dryer gives you the ability to pick your heat setting, and features cutting-edge technology to focus air exactly where it’s needed, minimizing damage and frizz, creating gorgeous glossy hair.

    7 8

  • 3 Simple DIY Hair Mask Recipes to Repair Heat Damage

    Constant use of heat from blow dryers and flat irons causes hair strands to become dry and brittle.  And with August heating up, the sun can suck all moisture out of your hair. The same heat that makes your hair go from frizzy to silky straight, or adds natural highlights, causes inevitable damage. Causing your hair to have split ends, a dull sheen, frizz, and breakage.

    Your home remedy may be to hide your damage in a ponytail, or messy bun, but what else can you do to permanently restore your hair, and protect it from future heat damage? MOISTURIZE with DIY hair masks. Moisture is the key to repairing damaged hair, and protecting it from heat damage. Picking the right ingredients to go inside your hair mask is essential to revitalizing your hair back to a healthy state.



    What makes up a hair mask is the foundation of an effective outcome. Raw and natural ingredients add minerals and vitamins back into your hair that heat damage kills. And the end result is always smoother, healthier, hydrated hair. And the best part, most of these ingredients can probably be found right in your refrigerator!



    Eggs are great for dry and damaged hair because they are rich in protein, and Vitamins A, D, and E, adding moisture and shine back into your hair.

              VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

    It’s a proven fact that olive oil is the holy grail of all things healthy. It strengthens hair all the way to the scalp, by sealing in moisture and preventing breakage.


    It’s simple! Mayonnaise is full of fat, which magically fixes dry hair and makes it smoother.


    Honey isn’t just the perfect sweetener, all that natural sugar is essential for retaining moisture. Honey encloses each hair follicles in a nice little barrier, locking in added moisture.

                 COCONUT OIL

    Coconut oil is great for preventing hair breakage, because of it being packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Its fatty acids also makes it the perfect conditioner for softer, shinier hair.


    Not only do avocados do amazing things for your body and skin, they’re powerhouses for you hair as well. These little vegetables are highly rich in healthy fat and natural oils, preventing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and revitalizing dry hair shafts.



    Ingredients: 1 Egg, 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil, 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

    Directions: Mix all ingredients together into a large bowl. Massage mixture into scalp. Cover head with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.



    Ingredients: 1 Cup of Mayonnaise, 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil, 1 Tablespoon of Honey

    Directions: Mix all ingredients together into a large bowl. Apply to hair from roots to tip. Cover head with a shower cap for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.



    Ingredients: 1 Ripe Avocado, 1 Egg Yolk, 1 Tablespoon of Honey, 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

    Directions: Mash up the avocado in a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients into the bowl, and mix into a thick paste. Apply to entire head, and let sit for 15-20 minutes.



  • Get Perfect Beach Waves Even After Summer Ends


    Whether you live on the coast of Maui, the concrete jungle that is New York City, or in the deserts of New Mexico, beachy waves are the most wanted, go to style. And with the  Corioliss Tri Curler achieving perfect, long lasting waves has gotten much easier. These wands work great on all hair types and lengths, and the best part, they don’t have to be just for the summer!


    The easy to use Corioliss Tri Curler is perfect for when you want to try different looks with just one wand. This effortless curler features lightweight interchangeable ceramic barrels that come in three sizes: a large barrel for loose surfer-girl waves, a medium sized barrel for more defined, glamorous waves, and a smaller barrel for tighter, ringlet curls. While the barrels transform your hair into the perfect summer wave, they also emit infrared technology to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz, to keep your hair soft, silky, and shiny. A convenient 360 swivel cord allows for your hair to wrap all the way around the barrel, without getting your hand caught in the cord.

    A user friendly on/off switch ignites the use of being able to control the temperature setting. After choosing the right sized barrel for your hair look, simply align the barrel’s plugs to click in place. Wrap hair strands, 1-inch in width, around the barrel, making sure to hold the barrel by the cool tip to avoid burns. Hold the strands in place for 10 seconds, before setting the wave free. Once your head is done, finger comb your hair for voluminous, loose waves, or let the waves stand for a more refined, natural look.

    Creating Perfect Waves

    1. Rejuvenate and protect hair strands with Royale Argan Oil Keratin Hair Serum.
    2. Split hair into 4 section: two in the front, two in the back.
    3. Starting with the back of your head, take 1-inch pieces from the bottom, curling downward with the Corioliss Tri Curler. Continue towards the front of your face.
    4. Repeat until all sections are completed.

    Styling Tips

    • Take larger hair pieces for looser waves, and smaller pieces for tighter waves.
    • Curl hair strands inward, toward your face to frame your face; and outward, away from your face to showcase your features.

    Check out how these people style with the Corioliss Tri Curler 

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